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Associating Event Leads to be members of your campaign

Question asked by Lindsay Zanga on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by Lindsay Zanga
Hi - I have both an email program and and event program in Marketo which are linked to Campaigns in SFDC. When I am looking at the program overview page I am seeing that the "campaign members" are 0 for both. 

For the email program - I did not import a list for this - I simply created a smart campaign and used "member of smart list = xxx" for the "Smart List" tab. These smart lists all live in my "lead database" section of marketo.  Through the smart campaign I can see that the email was sent to 8,000 leads and see the delivery, bounce, open, click, etc.  However these leads are are not becoming members of the overal program so for my sales team in SFDC they can not see these leads associated with this campaign.  Any idea what this would happen?

In the second scenario - I have an event program where I did upload a list of 90 leads and then created the email and smart campaign to send the email out. Again, this program is associated with an SFDC campaign but I can not see these 90 leads as members of the campaign.