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Delay appearance of pop up lightbox form on page

Question asked by 0f3efb22551521a4adbcb8462330bd69e6ff6e3e on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by 0f3efb22551521a4adbcb8462330bd69e6ff6e3e
To increase our leads, we're considering using pop up lightbox subscription forms on certain web pages, but understand that delaying appearance of the form until the browser has spent some time on our site can be more effective. A short delay would at least give visitor time to see what page is about before form pops up requesting their details.

At the moment lightbox displays immediately on page view and I haven't been able to find any relevant settings when editing our test forms within the Design Studio. 

Is there any way that we can control the timing of Marketo lightbox forms?