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    Marketo Certifications

      What has been the most valuable Marketo certification...the ones employers look for?  I utilize almost all of Marketos features, email creation, nurturing, analytics....
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          For end users, the only Marketo certification is Marketo Certified Expert right now. I know that some partners and Champions are working on one for Analytics, but I'm not sure if that is out in the wild yet.

          At this point, the need for Marketo experience is so great, that certifications are great, but if you can demonstrate proficiency with the tool plus have good marketing knowledge, you should still be able to find a gig.
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            Kim Allen
            I agree. The certification (Marketo Certified Expert) really allows for more visibility when you're looking for a job. And even though this was only made available starting about a year ago it is already listed in many job descriptions under preferred qualifications. If you do utilize most of the tools I'd work towards this as a next step.
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              Josh Hill
              Agree with those.

              There is an Expert Analytics certification that is available, but you need to be MCE first. It's only helpful if you've been using RCE for awhile.