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    Convert URL Parameter to a Product Type?

      1. Is there a way to grab a URL from the web page a user filled out a contact form on?

      2. Then, is there a way to convert that URL into a product type so that the users contact info will go to the correct sales representative?

      Thanks in advance for any help!
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          Hi Joel,

          If I'm understanding correctly, it seems that you want to have a Product Type stamped on a lead based on the page on which they filled out a form. If this is correct, then the eaisest way I can envision is the following:
          1.           Create a custom field in the Admin area for "Product Type"
          2.           Create a smart list in your program where the landing page is living that says:           
            1.                     If lead fills out form: form is the contact form you mentioned page is the landing page linked up to that URL you mentioned
            2.                     Then Change Data Value: product type new value is the product you want to send to the sales associate
            3.                     Activate the trigger and allow leads to run through it every time
          3.           Then you can set up an "alert" email to be sent to your sales team with the relevant information for the lead (including the Prodcuct Type field you created that will then have the product you wanted to track.
          Hope this helps! Let me know if that doesn't address your question.