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Capturing what emails people have clicked on in a SFDC task for reps

Question asked by caa8f0bba4de5ebb37e5fe100e07e217370a392c on Feb 9, 2015
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Hi there,

We currently run a nurturing campaign broken down into 4 streams. Each stream consists of 4 emails that goes out every other week. We have specific trigger campaigns set up to pause you from nurture if you take specific actions. Examples include, if any record is added to an opportunity, if anyone fills out a contact us/demo form, or if you click on a minimum of 3 links (ungated that brings you directly to our asset) within our nurture emails. When someone clicks on at least 3 links, we send a SFDC task to our Marketing BDRs for them to follow up on. They have provided feedback that they would like to see what 3 clicks (the assets) people are clicking on within their tasks.

Is there a clean way to do this? Or is there an alternative solution that I'm not thinking of?