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    How to customize download links

      Hi Guys,

      We are launching a simple whitepaper landing page that will ask for Industry on the form and then send a whitepaper specific to their industry. Can this be managed with tokens?

      The best way I could think to do this was by using a custom field were the stored value for each industry is the URL of the whitepaper and then send them a link with the <a href="{{lead.whitepaperdl}}" >...</a> tag.

      Is there a better way?


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          Josh Hill
          Do you mean that if they Select Industry X, they are redirected to Page X?

          You can do this in the Form by going to Settings > Thank You Page and changing the choices.

          If you want to email them, then your flow should be

          Send Email Choice 1; if Industry=X, then Send Email X , etc...

          At least that seems simpler to me. You could try doing something like a flow that says

          If Industry IS X, then make WhitePaper URL X, then Send Email A with the token you have. I'd think that would be a bit prone to error and adds extra complications. Either way it should work. But you will need to tell Marketo what value to put in that URL field, otherwise it won't send them the right URL.

          If you have Velocity Email Scripting, you could make this work too.
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            Dory Viscogliosi
            The only downside to Josh's suggestion would be the requirement of making x number of follow up emails/thank you pages, depending how many versions of the page you have... although, I would agree that it's probably worth it to do that extra bit of work.