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    Trouble with online forms

      We have a marketo form integrated into our website. Recently we noticed that the number of completed forms that we are receiving has dropped dramatically. All this is happening while the number of visits to the form pages are increasing. A percentage of customer have recently been informing us that when they click the "submit" button, it changes to "please wait" and they are never transfered to a thank-you page. We are receiving some completed forms, but based on the lead database activity that I am seeing on the sample request form page, we are losing the majority of completed forms. 

      Any ideas on what can be wrong with the code?

      Here's an example of a sample form http://www.alomone.com/FreeSample.aspx?Product=5969
      Every one of our products has such a form.

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          It sounds like the problem is the URL that's plugged into the submit button in the form...have you double checked that to be sure it's a link that works?
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            For the benefit of all Community members: Alomone Labs submited a support case.

            The page is http://www.alomone.com/FreeSample.aspx?Product=5960

                 The problem is unrelated to Marketo Forms or its embedding. It is the page itself. 
                 Line 10 specifies 
                 That loads jQuery 1.5. Marketo uses 1.8.2. Most browsers require jQuery.noConflict() to avoid versioning conflicts. 

                      When a new jQuery runs, it processes the new call using the jQuery version already loaded. That is why the problem happens. 
                      The best practice, regardless it is embedding Marketo forms or just building a standalone page, no matter the operating system, web server and browser, is really using http://api.jquery.com/jquery.noconflict/