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    Measuring Lead Nurturing Success

    Vlada Prasolova
      i have a very simple lead nurturing funnel, the idea if which is that people receive 3 emails in 30 days, last one being sent from the sales rep with an offer to buy
      the campign has been running for 2 months now, and i have a campaing statuses set up (Engaged, SLA, customer) but i now wonder is there any average stats that i can compare my results to?
      Right now i have over 2k leads in my funnel, and arounf 1,5% of them had already converted to customers
      Is it good or bad result?
      I tried to browse  the communtiy in hope of finding some average stats on that subject, but didn't get any
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          Alexander Chuvashev
          Hi Vlada,

          What kind of leads do you have in your funnel? all leads or trial leads? This rate depends on indusrty and sales cycle. It can be relatively high for e-commerce and minor for high tech. 1,5% is a good enough for your major success in my view. Look at your results 3-4 months later and you'll see increase for your rates, because lead converting is a permanent process. You can also estimate results by comparison 2 groups: nurtured and not nurtured. Hope it'll give you food for thought. Good luck!
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            Vlada Prasolova
            Thanks for the idea.
            these are trial leads, yes, but as we normally do not ask for an email to trial our products, it can be tricky segmenting "non-nurture" trial leads for the comparison
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              Josh Hill

              It can be whatever your Goal is. If your goal is to convert to trial or convert to client, then that's your metric. It's hard to benchmark against anyone other than you. Audiences are different, etc. I agree with Alexander that 1.5% could be a good starting point, then keep trying to beat that with AB testing.