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    How to create a one-time download link

      Hi all,

      Is there a way to create a one time link by using token in Marketo? So prospects can only download the document one time from the link in an autoresponder email.

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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hi Becky, one way I can think of doing this would be to have a link in the email that someone would click, and it says "Send me the report". Clicking on the link could trigger a campaign that someone could only flow through 1x that would send them the specified report. 

          Otherwise, I don't think there would be a good way to do this using tokens. 
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            Takashi Ozeki
            I'm not sure you can do a one-time link, but you can do a landing page that "expires" with dynamic segmentation. Your segmentation would consist of those who've downloaded the page, and those who haven't. For those who've already downloaded the PDF, you could show a "you've already downloaded the PDF" message.
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              Sanford Whiteman
              As I warned on the other thread on this same topic, it is not actually possible to determine that someone has fully downloaded and saved a document, only that they have clicked a link that appears to initiate the download.  On mobile networks (the majority of traffic for some sites) failure to complete downloads is totally normal.  In addition to straight-up failed downloads, consider that some browsers open PDFs inline.  A user may not be familiar with how to save a PDF from the inline viewer, and as a result they may want to re-click the original link.

              We never limit download links to only one attempt. 3 is a more sensible minimum, perhaps constrained to a a certain number of hours after the first attempt.