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    Blind Form Submit

      Hello all,

      Im new to Marketo so i need to figure out a few things one is how to do a blind form submit

      here is the scenario:

      I want to use an unsubscribe link in an email header and or footer, but instead of going to an unsubscribe page where users enter their email address (or have it pre-populated) which then redirects to the unsub-confirmation page,, instead the user clicks on the unsubscribe link and gets sent to an unsub-confirmation page.

      any ideas on where to start?


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          Matt Stone
          To accomplish this, you would use a smart campaign that uses a trigger for "Clicks Link in Email" or possibly just "Visits Web Page." You'd designate your link/unsubscribe page with a constraint.

          Then in the flow of the campaign, you'd add an action to unsubscribe the lead.
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            Dory Viscogliosi
            Hi Rich, there have been multiple threads covering this recently in relation to CASL, and that this is not a very effective/safe method to use for opt-out.

            I'd be cautious using a single click to opt out, as several things could go wrong and not register that someone has chosen to opt out, leaving you holding the bag.
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              David Katz
              Is it not possible to build a link that has form field parameters and which submits a form? This seems like something very basic and should be available to us
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                Matt Stone
                Dave, you can accomplish this in a few different ways if you really want to use a form, but they aren't overly simple.
                • You could create a landing page with a form on it that grabs URL parameters and uses javascript to auto-submit.
                • You could use server-side posting
                • If you don't have to use a form, you can just use smart campaigns with the right constraints based on the links. All thew flow actions can mimic whatever you wanted to do with the form