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    Marketo and Salesforce Sync Issue

    Melissa Kelly
           It looks like our Salesforce and Marketo have had a problem getting synced up since yesterday. I don't have any error notifications but when I look at the admin side it says "Sync In Progress: Started {July 2, 2014 8:31AM PDT}"
           And it is over 24 hours since then.
           Inbound leads and notifications seem to be occurring, but changes made on the SFDC side are not getting sent to Marketo. 

           Anyone else having this issue? 

           I also just submitted a ticket...will update with their response.
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          Josh Hill
          This sounds like a Support issue.

          Did you just import alot of leads somewhere? Or is this a new instance?
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            Nathan Allison
            Melissa, this has happened to me before.  

            One thing you can do on that admin screen where it shows your last sync time is to actually click the 'Disable Sync' button to kill the sync, then click it again to toggle it back on.  This should force synchronization to restart.

            If your last sync time still does not update after this you may need to have Support check it out on their end.
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              Robert Solis
              Just to help clarify, clicking the Disable Sync button will only stop future sync cycles from occurring.  It won't stop the current sync cycle from completing.
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                We have been experiencing much slower than normal syncs this week, too. Our "Last Synced" time stamps in Admin seem to be normal (not stuck like the OPs), however we have noticed changes made in SFDC taking a VERY long time to get into Marketo, and vice versa. We're used to near-realtime syncs.

                In our instance, only edited records seem to be having an issue. Brand new lead records are pretty much instantly synced.

                Would be interested in the result of the support ticket, as well as putting this here in case anyone else is also seeing this...

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                  Robert Solis
                  The bi-directional sync data moves differently than Salesforce related flow steps.  The Salesforce related flow steps happen at the time the Lead goes through the flow step but the data syncing between Marketo and Salesforce has to wait for the sync cycles.  When it comes to data syncing, while the sync cycle runs frequently there can be various reasons for a backlog to occur so that data takes longer than expected to sync across such as any large updates occurring in either Marketo or Salesforce.