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    Score Reporting total, relative, behavioral, demographic

      How can I develop a report that will look at the score values of all my leads? Ideally I'd like to be able to run something that will look at the top point earners, as well as looking at what changes in point values for leads are (to identify those moving up the ladder of points). 

      the only thing I could find was to export my full lead list. but given my lead list is 200k+ they stystem keeps freezing when I try to export it? (any insight on how to better esport my full lead list would be greatly appreciated too!)

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          Hey AJ,

          What CRM are you using? I do this reporting in SFDC, where it is a lot easier. 

          I'm not sure how you will track changes in scores though. 

          One way I can think of is to introduce a field called "Last Week's Score" (or "Last Month's Score) and run a batch every 7 days to update the value of that field with the current score. Then when you do your reporting a few days later you can compare the previous score with the current one and even use an SFDC formula field (if possible) to calculate the difference, something you can't do in Marketo. 
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            Thanks Justin! 

            We use SalesForce as well. I'm a little raw with it so hopefully you can help me. Did you have to do anything special to bring in the scoring fields into SalesFrorce or how can I go about finding the scores in SalesForce to run a report?
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              Hey AJ, 

              Another quick thought as I re-read your question -- if you are just trying to do some simple queries, you could also use Marketo smart lists. E.g., a list with two filters: 

              [score field] is not empty
              [score field] is above x

              This will let you get down to a subset of your list that is more manageable and let you analyze your top scoring leads a bit more closely. 

              That being said, if you want to bucket by score intervals and have some calculated fields etc., then Salesforce reporting will be a bit more flexible. 

              To get the data in SFDC, first thing you want to do is create the score fields in Salesforce first so that they will synch over to Marketo and stay up to date in both places. 

              You can create the fields as number type in SFDC. Once they appear in Marketo, you'll need to go to "Field Management" in the admin and change the field type to "Score". This will allow you run "Change Score" actions against these fields. 

              Once you do this, make sure you reference these fields in all your scoring campaigns. Then all that data will appear in SFDC as well. 

              You can include your score field(s) on Lead/Contact records and then report on it as well. For example run a lead report and include the score. Then you can add filters and group/bucket leads according to your criteria using SFDC's reporting engine.