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    Automatically check broken links?

           HI is there a plug in or something automated to run in Marketo that can check to see if links present in nurture e-mails are broken?


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          Edward Masson
          Link checkers are more for links on webpages not emails. Marketo has a Email Deliveribility tool but does not have a link checker for emails. Tends to be a case of going through a check list of items to double check campaigns/images/links are all working before launching campaign.
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            A work around would be that you could run a report on landing page performance for those in your nurture program. If there's one that has significantly less visitors, you could assume the link is broken. You should also run an email link performance report as well and compare it to the landing pages to be certain. (IE if the click through is high but the landing page is low, you could assume the link is broken.)

            You could also clone your nurture, then add yourself to each segmentation (if you've using them!) and run yourself through the program at an accelerated rate and check the various links. To ensure nothing has broken, you could just re-run yourself every so often.
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              Michelle Tiziani
              If you use Litmus, you can run a test to see if there are any bad links on your email campaign.