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    Get a step by step roadmap for connecting marketing to business metrics

    Brian Glover

      Hello, join our webinar on Wednesday 2/18 at 10am PT/1pm ET for a step by step roadmap for connecting marketing to business metrics.

      Revenue Reporting: Your Genie in a Bottle

      The measure of modern marketing that managers and executives care about most is revenue. If actionable revenue reporting is the destination, where are you on the journey?  Whether you’re at the beginning or near the end, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Join this webinar to learn how your marketing can speak the language of business and how that simplifies making better budgeting decisions. Hear real life examples from Jessica Kao, who created a revenue reporting program from scratch at two different companies, Fluidigm and GuideSpark, using Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Analytics (RCA) product. Learn how she did it and where to begin, plus get tips for overcoming obstacles in your own measurement journey. 


      Note to customers: This is a case study webinar intended to provide structure and guidance, not a "how to" product training session.