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How to Rectify Registration Error

Question asked by 55b63473f870a1ab0e285eb945f0957f293a8c55 on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by Dory Viscogliosi

We have a registration landing page on website that uses live form built via Marketo. Up until now, the flow has worked as expected - previous program status of lead changes to 'registered' after they fill out the form. However, since yesterday, all subsequent folks who fill out form are now being transitioned to a status of 'registration error'. I've looked at the activity log for this sample, but can't ID the problem since all looks fine.

I suspect it may have to do with us fiddling with the live form yesterday. However, no edits were made since we just wanted to see if CSS components could be edited. As expected, the registration landing page resorted back to 'edit' status, but we immediately 'approved'. Any idea what the issue is?

Happy to provide more details if needed. Thx!