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    member.webinar url token not working in some emails

    Jenn DiMaria
      I have two emails that contain a webinar URL token. One email is the "Thank You for Registering" email and is located directly under the program. Another is a "The webinar will being in one hour" email and is located within an Email Program.

      The webinar URL token works in the first, but will not appear in the second. Is this because the second is part of an Email Program? Should I send as part of a Smart Campaign instead?

      I am using the same record to test both emails and the first continues to work while the second does not, even though the second email was cloned from the first.

      We are using GoToWebinar as our provider. I'm not sure if that makes a difference, but I am following the guide located at: http://pages2.marketo.com/rs/marketob2/images/Marketo_GoToWebinar_Adapter_UserGuide.pdf

      Thanks in advance for any help.
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               I had this issue when I copied and pasted the token ID in my email rather then selecting it from the list useing the Icon in the editor.

               I guess try deleting it and re-entering it useing the little token icon and selecting it from the list.

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            It shouldn't matter how you insert it, as long as it is exactly correct in the email itself. Is the Email Program under the Event or somewhere else?

            I'd recommend reaching out to support, as they can help troubleshoot.
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              Jenn DiMaria
              Yes, the Email Program is under the Event.
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                I see. I'm not aware of any limitation like that, but there might be something. I'd reach out to Support.
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                  Venus Wills

                  Hi Jenn,


                  Did you ever hear back from Support about this? I had the same thing happen in your exact scenario. The confirmation email with {{member.webinar url}} was an email under the umbrella event program, and the reminder email is under an email program under the umbrella program.



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                    Venus Wills

                    Ok here's an update.


                    In my scenario, I was sending a confirmation email and two reminder emails for a GTW webinar using the member.webinar URL token. The confirmation email showed the URL correctly, but the first reminder email did not show the URL. I did a quick test, and I think this is what's causing the issue.


                    The confirmation email was sent as part of a trigger campaign (if lead fills out form, change status > registered, send confirmation email) that is directly under the umbrella event program. I set up the first reminder email in an email program that lives under the event program. But that meant the email itself lives under the email program (which can have its own tokens), not the event program.


                    I did a test and set up the second reminder as a smart campaign under the event program (i.e., the reminder email lives under the event program and inherits its tokens), and it worked correctly.


                    In summary, make sure all emails containing the member.webinar URL token live directly under the event program, so they pull from the correct set of tokens.

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                        David Gallagher

                        The funny part is this has happened to a lot of people I have spoken with. Like you, and many of us, discovered is that the member url token can only be used within the event/webinar program and not a child Email Program. The cool thing about this method is that all of the email data is instantly accessible by clicking on the campaign folder that contains your webinar program .


                        Followup Question for the Community:

                        I ran into a new one about a month ago where only some of my recipients were receiving their URLs -- When go into preview the email as that particular lead, the member URL is there. I am not sure if it is a template issue, timing issue or something else.

                        Setup was simple

                        • Event Program connected to GoToWebinar
                        • Registration Triggers an email Send about 2 minutes post registration to confirm
                        • Then subsequent registration reminders were sent @ 1 week 2 days, 6am day of, and 15 minutes prior
                        • All emails organized in an "Assets" campaign folder within the event program

                        It was really random and had to affect at least 10% of my registrants...?

                        I also tested embedding the token as a link behind some text ie: "Your Join Link" and as a straight unencumbered URL -- no dice: happened in both cases.


                        Anyone else experience this as well.




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