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    Order of Execution of Campaigns

      Say I have multiple campaigns that all run with the trigger Lead is Created. Any suggestions on how I can control the order that they execute. 

      For example,

      Campaign 1: Lead is created, changes status to x if y.
      Campaign 2: Lead is created, change status to b if c. 

      I know I could do a "Wait for 5 minutes" in the flow for one of them, but that causes delays and not a good solution as I scale.

      Let me know if anyone has any thoughts!
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          Instead of a wait step you could have "data value changes" as your trigger for subsequent campaigns, and have the action in the first campaign be the trigger for  the second campaign.
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            Valerie Armstrong

                 Hi Mike,

                 Have you considered utilizing "Request Campaign"?  This way, you have campaign 2 execute once the flow steps of campaign one have been completed.

                 Campaign 1:  
                 IF: Lead is created,
                 THEN: Changes status x if y,  request campaign: campaign 2

                 Campaign 2:
                 IF: Campaign is requested (Marketo Flow Action)
                 THEN: change status to b if c.

                 Hope this helps! 

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              Thanks for the responses ladies.

              Michelle, that could work but there are other situations when the data value will change.

              Valerie, that's exactly what I was looking for. I was not aware of theRequest Campaign trigger. Thanks!