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    Manually Changing Score Value in SFDC?

    Justin Showers
      We used to be able to manually change the score value in Salesforce and it would sync to Marketo. There were certain limitations.... if I remember correctly we couldn't set it to 0 or NULL, but we could do something like "-1" or another positive value. At some point over the past year, that seems to have changed (and I just noticed.)

      Does anyone have any more information on this or suggested solutions? (It's for a manual Sales rep process that isn't too common.)
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          Josh Hill
          Why would you want to do this?

          You could setup a MSI flow for the salesperson to reset scores, but they shouldn't be doing this. Instead, let them change the status to Recycle (or something) and Marketo will handle the rest.

          You should be able to edit that field in SFDC unless your user permissions are now different.
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            Justin Showers
            I can appreciate the interest in probing further to determine whether or not our processes are setup around best practices. Suffice it to say: it is not, but rather a temporary work around as we work on a larger scale fix to a multi step process that's now in place.

            User permissions have not changed.

            We just got a response from MKTO support that the Lead Score field is a "special field that Marketo will always override. " That was not always the case, so we're now digging to find out when that changed (since there will be some data cleanup required on our end.)  In the mean time though, it does appear we'll have to use the Sales Insight option or devise a trigger around another custom field change.