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    landing page content wrong position

      Having problems where the content on the page is coming outside of the template - depending on the computer/browser used.

      e.g. i have a simple template 1000px wide - float middle. I then use the marketo components (rich text, etc). on my computer, the page looks fine; however, on two other users systems (same OS diff browsers), the content isnt positioned as specified i.e. content floats to the left - outside of container.

      Seems like a major issue - if the components are all using absolute positioning. How to ensure page shows correctly, as it relates to positioning of components?

      Any ideas?
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          Nathan Allison
          Hi David,

          This is more of a cross-browser / stylesheet / QA problem.  Different browsers (i.e. Chrome versus Firefox) read positioning attributes differently, which can cause spacing problems if you don't test the appearance of your pages on at least a couple different browsers.

          If you have access to a web developer, s/he can help you to implement some code on your landing page templates that can tell different browsers how to read your styling elements - I went that route with a previous company.  

          Here's a Stack Overflow article that gives some background on positioning issues that may come up:

          Hope that helps.