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Correlation between Marketo Program Status "Success" and SFDC Campaign Member "Responded"

Question asked by Ari Echt on Oct 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by 2035

Hello, I am trying to get more clarity on the relationship between Marketo Program Status and synced SFDC Campaign Member "Responded" value. 

For our Tradeshow channel type, we currently have set the Marketo program status of "Engaged" as the definition of program Success. 


Question #1:
If we have Marketo Trade Show Program synced to a Salesforce campaign, when you run a flow step to change program status to "engaged", does that action check the Salesforce campaign value of "responded" to True? 

It sure appears that way, but Marketo support is saying otherwise. Just wanted to get 100% clarity. 

Question #2: 
If we were to edit the Marketo Tradeshow channel tag, and add the program status "Visited Booth" as another critieria for Program Success,
a) would that apply a program success to everyone who is currently a member of Tradeshow program AND has a program status of "visited booth"?
b) would that action of adding "visited booth" as a success to the Marketo tradeshow tag update the Salesforce campaign member status of every member of a corresponding (and synced) Salesforce campaign to "responded"? 

Thanks in advance for any input. (And Josh Hill and Pamela B, thank you for your valuable input on related question in a separate post).