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    Clicks Link or Clicked Link in Email - triggers & filters

    Colby Dix
      So I'm hoping to clarify this...

      I want to send out a response email to everyone who clicked a link in a previous email. So I set up a new smart list but was wondering if I could just used the 'Clicks Link in Email' trigger to accomplish this, or if I need to go with 'Opens Email' and add the filter 'Clicked Link in Email' set to 'On or After' the date of sending.

      Basically, if I just use the tirgger, will it only apply to people clicking from today forward or will it apply to those who have gone before?

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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hey Colby, as you said, a trigger will only affect people from the point at which you activate the campaign, and forward. Anyone who did the action in the past will require a batch campaign with filters (and no triggers). If there's a chance that someone will be clicking the email in the future, you will want to have both the batch and triggered campaigns set up... Batch to catch anyone who already did it, and triggered to catch anyone who does it in the future.