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Pre-populate form via embed code on Marketo page

Question asked by 311e6d07c0f9c2885e07111e77df1f82af0a167a on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by 311e6d07c0f9c2885e07111e77df1f82af0a167a

I am trying to find a solution for an issue I am having.

I am using the same contact form on multiple Marketo landing pages and use the embed code instead of the drag and drop form. I am doing this because I need to use the Forms 2.0 JS to control a few of the forms fields and follow-up pages. 

The issue I am having is the form does not pre-populate when using the embed code even though its on a Marketo landing page. if I drag a form on the landing page instead of using the html it pre-populates correclty.

Any help would be very appriceated.