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    Preference Center Setup in MKTO

    Kim Allen

      We have set up all the frame work for our preference center and once copy is tweaked, we plan to launch ASAP. However, I'm curious as to how everyone else has set up their preference centers in Marketo. We were planning on having an engagement program per content type (so that they can be in more than one at once, unlike streams) and then making the casts vary as much as possible so they'd kindof get a range of content if they selected more than one type. Are there any setups that would make this easier to alternate content sends (without creating tons of smart campaigns that would need to be adjusted everytime there's a little change)?

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          Josh Hill
          What sort of content is this? Newsletters? Webinar invitations?

          Most of the time the field gets populated and then you push people into streams or programs based on behavior and demographics.
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            Hey Kim, 

            When you say make the casts vary as much as possible, do you mean vary in cadence or in their content? Would you not just configure your engagement programs for different content types to go out on alternating weeks for example?

            I think I'm missing something about how the choices in the preference centre will change the cadence of your sends...unless you have a "send frequency" preference in which case that makes sense :)

            We don't do anything that complicated yet. My Preference Center is pretty straightforward -- I have a set of checkboxes for each content type that map to the lead record.

            I then build some global smart lists off of these checkboxes along with some other criteria (exclude competitors etc.). These global smart lists determine program eligibility. 

            We tend to use a lot of individual programs outside of the engagement center so membership in these stand-alone smart lists are just always part of the smart list criteria for the program's campaign (e.g., Member of Smart List in "Available for Product Emails" etc.) and that way I know I'm always sending to the correct group even if people's preferences have changed etc. 
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              Kim Allen
              Thanks you two!

              Josh - yes we are talking content types, like articles, blogs, webinars, white papers, IG's, etc. So you use streams? Do you have different streams for combinations of choices (if they pick more than one that they'd like to receive)? Or do you have campaigns set to bounce them between streams?