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    Capturing all outbound emails

      I'm not sure if there's any way to do this but thought I'd throw it out there to the community - 

      We have a lot of different emails going to specific segments of our database from different groups within the company - for example, regional marketing teams, partner marketing teams on programs specific to individual partners, etc. The result is that there's a lot of activity!

      We were talking about how to track it all in one place - so that not only the Marketo team but also marketing leadership / execs could see *everything* that we are sending out. One idea was to create an internal address that would be included on every send (creating a folder on our email server containing every one of our emails). 

      This sounds really simple but - I don't know of a way to automatically add an address to every send. And that address would quickly hit communication limits. 

      Has anyone found a way to do this - meaning, our end goal, which is creating a repository of all emails sent for non-Marketo users? 

      The only approach I can think of is the manual approach - create the internal address and require those with send privileges to generate a live test of the final email before sending.

      Any suggestions appreciated!