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    Feedback on Cloudwords?

      Looking for some feedback on Cloudwords - what have been your thoughts utilzing it? Worth the cost?

      And/or have you found other methods to localize assets/content? I believe they are the only one that integrates with Marketo directly.... 
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          I have been using Cloudwords to maintain the translations to Portuguese and Spanish. My experience has been very positive.

          I am not responsible for the procurement or anything related to costs of commercial aspects therefore I do not have any comments on that aspect. 
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            We've been very happy with Cloudwords. The ease of being able to keep everything within Marketo keeps translation projects clean and easier to manage. The cost is pretty steep but when you are doing multiple projects in multiple languages, keeping things as simple as possible helps with project management. Cloudwords will be coming out with some new features soon that will further enhance the value.
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              I've been using Cloudwords for a few months. I really like it. And so far the integration with Marketo has been pretty seamless.

              My only complaint is there aren't that many translation companies. I feel like I use the same 3 over and over again. Pricing can really vary from $140-$400 bids for the same job. But I also haven't had many issues with the quality of the translations either.

              I have found that the translators I am using are very open to making adjustments and edits after the files are submitted which I appreciate.