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    change program status

      Does anyone know what mean "change program status" in a colom of result for an email sent ?
      there are colums for : opened email, sent email, emaill delivered, click email... but at what correspond "Change program status" ?

      thank you for your help,

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          Hi Valerie,

          I'm not sure where you would be seeing "Change Program Status" in an email report.  Did you want to include a screenshot?

          Change Program Status is a trigger/filter that refers to the status of a lead within a program.  For example, for an email send, a person's status could be Sent, Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed, etc.  Based on the person's actions with your email, their status will have changed to one of those.  However, this is not something that happens automatically.  This is something that needs to be set up with Smart Campaigns within your program.