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    campaign flow and wait stages

    Hank Hansen
      I have an auto-responder campaign alrewady in place for a couple of weeks that sends a series of emails with wait stages spanning a few weeks. Each email send uses Mon-Fri contraints to deliver only on business days. At the tail end of this, I need to send emails on specific number of days after the first email in this campaign was sent.

      I was advised initally to use a separate smart campaign to send the final emails x number of days after the lead entered the initial autoresponder campaign. It appears this would only work for new leads that enter the initial campaign after the second campign is activated (it wouldn't work for leads entered in the initial campaign prior to activating the second "tail end" campaign). Assuming this is true, what's the best way to solve this problem so all leads receive emails on x number of days after they entered the initial campaign, including those who entered two weeks ago?

      I was later advised by support that an egagement program would be the solution but I'm not experienced with those yet (still a newbie here). Thanks in advance for any advice!
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          Josh Hill
          I don't think an engagement would help with your specific problem. It might make it easier to setup or manage if you add/remove emails later.

          Is the idea that they receive, for example:

          5 emails, every 2 weeks.

          After the fifth email, they must then receive another set of emails a few days later. There are two ways to handle this, maybe three:
          1. simply add a wait step x days, ends on MF and put more emails there.
          2. add a Request Campaign to a second flow that waits X days, then sends next series.
          3. setup an engagement. Stream 1 goes every 2 weeks. Stream 2 pulls in leads from Stream 1 once the final email is sent or on Exhausted. The stream waits x days, then is activated with the next set of emails. This is certainly easier to manage.
          Now if you already have people in Campaign 1 who finished their run, you can add them to the second campaign by running a flow or just saying "Member of Campaign 1, received email 5"
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            Hank Hansen
            Thanks very much! The challenge is that people will complete the first stage at varying numbers of days after the start, since the Mon-Fri delivery constraint is in place. They could complete on day 18, 19, 20, etc.

            The emails in the second stage must be on day 28 and day 31, regardless of when they completed stage 1. So, a wait stage at the end of stage 1 isn't going to work. Given this, I'm not sure which of your suggestions would be the best solution since I'm still pretty green.