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Time Zone and Appointments

Question asked by 7563a630e3e5c8b55ef4446205993b9cd7361d93 on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by 7563a630e3e5c8b55ef4446205993b9cd7361d93
Hi Fellow Marketing Users!

I have a question, wondering if anyone has done this.... We have a call center located in Miami, and they book appointments for our reps in their respective offices through SFDC. The reps in Miami book the appointment using the Miami time zone, but when they send out an email confirmation from their personal email boxes, and have to mentally convert the time of the appointment to reps office... Meaning that they book the appointment for 7:00pm their time, but that's really 4:00pm in the reps office.

My question is this, what is the best way to accomplish an automatic send from within Marketo/Sales Insight, to accomplish this? Is it setting up seperate email templates for the offices (which I was going to do) and then find a formula that will do the math to adjust if for the time zone?

Anyone else slayed this beast?