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Building a form that goes blank when refreshed?

Question asked by 7f46342924b8abc4a852c34959e5b5f5cfc74693 on Oct 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2014 by 7f46342924b8abc4a852c34959e5b5f5cfc74693
Hey everyone -

We have a somewhat unqiue form here that we are having our reps manage during a tradeshow as a lead retrival type of functionality. In it, is a form to capture info.  Upon entry, the form goes to a follow-up page that has a button to get back to the entry page.  But when we go to that same form again to enter a new contact, all the "cookied" information auto-populates on those fields and we have to erase.

The clear button was removed in 2.0 forms, which could have helped. Is there any way to have the form reset and not pull the cookied info?  We're trying to avoid a situation where the reps have to delete each field's pre-populated info each time.

Thanks in advance!