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    SFDC to Marketo Sync

      I can't figure out how to sync leads from SFDC to Marketo. I know how to sync leads from Marketo to SFDC, just not the other way around. We currently have more opporutnities in a report I pulled in SFDC than in Marketo so I want to make sure ever lead is synced to Marketo. 

      Any ideas?
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          Hey Courtney, 

          If your sync is set up then it should flow both ways. 

          If records are not syncing to Marketo from Salesforce, a first place to look as at the permissions of the integration user. Do they have access to the records that are not syncing? If you log in as that user can you see them? 

          Also for your opportunities, which report are you using? Depending on the attribution rules set up opportunities may not be counted unless they are attached to a contact. 
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            Grant Booth
            I'd make sure your sharing rules and role heirarchy in SFDC are such that the sync user can see all of them. If you just enabled the sync and have a lot of records in SFDC, it could also just take a while for them to all come down.
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              Hi dears
              I also have a problem about the synchronization between the Marketo and Safesforce.
              I set up a Smart List in Marketo using some contributors at Salesforce, but just having 20K leads within MKT but having 40k leads within SFDC. And my Smart List only has 2 filters. I can't find the reason.
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                Phillip Wild

                If the above answers haven't done the job, then you might have the same problem we did - if you don't have any changes on the Salesforce side, then accounts won't sync.


                Let's say you did an initial sync, but because your settings for import were incorrect, it only pulled half the records. The bi-directional sync will now check for changed records every 5 minutes from Salesforce. But unless those accounts have a change, they will never be pulled into Marketo. Marketo doesn't look for differences for the whole database, only modifications to the "Date Modified" stamp in SF, and it syncs those.


                Make sense? So maybe you had some issues with the first sync, and because those opportunities haven't been modified in SF since, it hasn't changed. It might be worth doing a full sync refresh.



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