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    Attribution Methods and Lead Source

    Josh Hill
      I've been struggling with this one for a few months and thought to share our recent thinking on tracking attribution back to Sources and Offers.

      That's been the primary issue - what's a Lead Source? The answer is only a channel is, not a content piece.

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          Delinda Tinkey
          I agree with you, Josh. "Web" is not a lead source. We collect similiar information, but with only four data points:

          1) Date
          2) Channel (i.e. Social Media)
          3) Channel Details (i.e. LinkedIn)
          4) Content

          And, of course, the "Who" information you mention. Sometimes even those four fields are more than we need. If we need more detail, we can add it to the "Channel Details" field. So in your example, it would be:

          1) Date
          2) Newsletter Ad
          3) Magazine X
          4) Webinar Y

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            Josh Hill
            great pts Delinda
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              Hi Josh,

              Very interesting post.  While lead source is a critical point in attribution, it may not be the first point of interaction and is rather an inflection point where we identify what would otherwise be an anonymous prospect.
              Given the fact that up to 90% of buyer's journey happens before the prospect reaches out to vendors, it would be as important to understand a prospect's activities before the prospect becomes identifiable through a specific source as to nurture it once it's identified as a lead.  The latter is something that marketing automation handles very well.  But, the former seems to be more challenging.

              Would love to hear your thought...