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    UTM Tracking in Forms 2.0 - Who's cracked this one?

      Hi All, 

      I knew there are several threads floating around on this topic, but none seem to address how they're accomplished using forms 2.0. 

      The situation: 
      Visitors land on a non-marketo page, then navigate to a non-marketo landing page that has an embedded Marketo 2.0 form. When they first landed, they had UTM url parameters as part of their destination, now stored in the UTM cookie. 

      Desired solution:
      When the lead fills out any form 2.0, the utm_campaign, utm_source, etc, are submitted through hidden fields. 

      Potention fixes:
      - There used to be a javascript code that would accomplish this, does anyone know if it works for the 2.0 form?
      - The form 2.0 hidden field autofill settings can pull from URL parameters, but they may not exist if the lead is clicking around to various pages first. 
      - The form 2.0 hidden field autofill settings have a way to pull from "cookie" but I'm not sure how that works exactly, and in my testing, I couldn't get any data

      I've tried all of these and have not been able to push values into my hidden field yet. 

      I should mention-- form skip is off, but all the fields are in the progressive profiling area, so once we have all the data, all fields collapse and the cta button is the only thing left. I'm not sure how that affects hidden fields. Sample LP: http://www.mulesoft.com/lp/whitepaper/api/secrets-great-api

      TLDR: How do you set up UTM tracking with Forms 2.0 in the most robust way?

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          I had trouble setting this up initially too Dan. I realized I could only populate the hidden UTM fields by having one URL with UTM using that specific form. I couldn't use the same form to populate multiple UTM parameter options. 

          ie.: I had to put a value in the form's UTM hidden fields and it would only populate that value. 

          I am not sure if this is 100% correct, but I know my fields now populate the info.
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            Hey Dan, 

            You can do this by having javascript that grabs the UTMs and puts them in cookies. Your lead clicks around your site, eventually ends up on a page with a form. Then, configure your hidden fields to grab the values from the cookies rather than the URL string. 

            I used to have some javascript code that converted the URL parameters to cookies this but haven't used it in a while. However, it should be done pretty easily.

            Today we use a Wordpress plugin called Cookie Monster that does the same thing -- could be an option if you are on that platform.