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Associate Lead error: 612 Invalid Content Type

Question asked by fee3ce93e73366084496cd1463637121d6122b95 on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by 53504
I'm attempting to complete an Associate Lead action using the REST API to help pass cookie information after a lead fills an external form, and I've repeatedly gotten the error response "612 - Invalid Content Type".

Here's the cURL I've been using (with some info anonymized):

curl -v -X POST

It would be very helpful if someone could provide some guidance here:
  • It's not clear from the error response what content type is "invalid" in the string above. I reviewed the docs several times and can't find any meaningful difference between the two
  • Do we need further URL encoding besides the %26 in place of & in the "cookie" param?
  • Is the value that I'm capturing and attempting to POST for the cookie structurally correct? I've seen slight variations for _mkt_trk and when I inspect network on one of our web pages I can see a similar string being passed as part of a web event.
Anyone have suggestions?