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    Associate Lead error: 612 Invalid Content Type

      I'm attempting to complete an Associate Lead action using the REST API to help pass cookie information after a lead fills an external form, and I've repeatedly gotten the error response "612 - Invalid Content Type".

      Here's the cURL I've been using (with some info anonymized):

      curl -v -X POST https://XXX-YYY-ZZZ.mktorest.com/rest/v1/leads/1114190/associate.json?access_token=xxxxxxxxx-12ae-446b-839e-e0fd9417c36f:xx&cookie=id:XXX-YYY-ZZZ%26token:_mch-3scale.net-1423522466614-31802

      It would be very helpful if someone could provide some guidance here:
      • It's not clear from the error response what content type is "invalid" in the string above. I reviewed the docs several times and can't find any meaningful difference between the two
      • Do we need further URL encoding besides the %26 in place of & in the "cookie" param?
      • Is the value that I'm capturing and attempting to POST for the cookie structurally correct? I've seen slight variations for _mkt_trk and when I inspect network on one of our web pages I can see a similar string being passed as part of a web event.
      Anyone have suggestions?