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Activities in Salesforce Logged/Assigned to Wrong User

Question asked by ed93c14fdffd8134a452cf4347e928152ff61e72 on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by 865fc8763ab5452eca782ef71bf8087f92b32adc
For one of my sales reps, email activities are getting assigned to the wrong user. It's only happening for "Opened Sales Email:" and "Was Sent Sales Email:" activities.

For example, one of my Sales team members sends an Outlook email and tracks with Marketo. When the activity is logged in Salesforce, it's assigned to the user we've delegated as Marketo, instead of that Sales team member.

I checked and he is the owner for these leads. This only recently started happening, around March 7th.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Any suggestions?