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    Automating a CSV file upload to Marketo via FTP site

      I have a weekly CSV file that is being uploaded to an FTP site from our Customer Experience software (they cannot use the Marketo API). Can Marketo automatically upload this file for me weekly? i don't want to have to manually do it if I can avoid it.

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          Good morning, Daniel!

          Automatic uploads of CSV files aren't currently supported (for a variety of reasons, including security) so directly pushing it as a whole file via the FTP site isn't possible.  However, if you have access to a developer you could leverage them to create a SOAP API client to push that data into Marketo.  If this is something you'd like to hear more about but don't have access to your own developer, I wholeheartedly recommend contacting our Professional Services team here at Marketo.  The Professional Services Team is amazing at custom solutions of this nature.  The best way to contact them would be to send an email with a basic scope of what you're looking to do to Services@Marketo.com.

          Have a great day,