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Email Address Vs. Marketo ID? which does marketo use to "Each lead can run through the flow once"

Question asked by 38264 on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by 951943aa9c453dca0f9947a94bb68f2e433d10b8
Hi Everyone,

So I was wondering if anyone knew what Marketo uses to consider someone unique for... "Each lead can run through the flow once" in a campaign? We connected our API but instead of immediately overwritting all our users we created a duplicate user...(our developers did not quite trust the marketo API.) Anyway I have 1 automated campaign that allows users to run through it once (sends 6 emails). I was under the impression that would be based on the email, using that as the "unique identifier". Seems, judging by the reports on the campaign, that is is actually the marketo id which determines if the user went through once. Anyone know if that is correct?

My main issue is that the campaign is triggered on the create date in all "new users" have same created date of 3/6. which has restarted them in the 30 drip/free trial campaign, even though many are done with their older ID.

I am trying to get a hold of someone at marketo about there Merge Tool now, but enable to keep everyone on the correct sechedule I can't wait another day or so for them to get back. Looking at only about 2400 names to merge, just need to make sure they have correct (older marketo id) and the correct created date (older as well) so they do not get put into this always any advice/ help greatly appreciated.