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Leads in Marketo, but not in SFDC: Duplicate Problem

Question asked by 9e1a7b245e73ac0b560f318ed8d173082fd11fe5 on Jul 29, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by 9e1a7b245e73ac0b560f318ed8d173082fd11fe5

     Hi All,

     A lot of companies want to have more leads in Marketo than SFDC and only push MQLs into SFDC.

     But this creates a problem when reps enter lead/contacts directly into SFDC. Even if they check SFDC, and there is dupe blocker installed, they are still unable to see the existing lead (because it's in Marketo) and they go ahead and create a new lead/contact - thereby creating a duplicate.

     How do you guys deal with this?

     One suggestion is to sync all Marketo leads with SFDC - 1 to 1 - that way whenever you search for existing leads in SFDC, you're searching the entire marketing database. But this isn't ideal because there are truly instanses where it's not ideal to have the entire database in both systems.