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Something odd is happening - email fields are being set to null upon Marketo sync to SFDC

Question asked by b6ef7f73b2351422d1ddff0acf81fddef32a63bf on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2015 by b6ef7f73b2351422d1ddff0acf81fddef32a63bf
I was noticing that a bunch of new leads that came in through SFDC via Marketo sync don't have email addresses, which is odd bc it's a required field on my Marketo forms. On further research, it looks like indeed the leads are filling out their email on the Marketo forms, but something is happening upon the sync to SFDC that changes their email field to null. It's not happening to all, just a portion. 

Here's the activity log for a new lead in Marketo.


Here's the same lead in SFDC - no trace on the history of email being changed.

I can only guess that something is set up weird with Marketo sync. However it's not affecting all new leads coming in.

Any direction to help troubleshoot?