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jQuery calls stopped working?

Question asked by d28129c6b3fa25b911f7e2ce33ecdc26b7a5161a on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by d28129c6b3fa25b911f7e2ce33ecdc26b7a5161a

I was trying to create some lightbox pop up forms for a landing pageusing jQuery. While my previously made lightboxes are functioning in Design Studio and web browsers any new one I create does not actively call the jQuery function.

I have tried to duplicate the code from a working lightbox into another page and the HTML code for the javascript and the new duplicate fails to respond to the click. I even tried to copy the code from the original element and put it into an identical element and then deleting the original and the page would not load the form from the new link with the exact same code of the original.

Had anyone else had this issue and know if I may be missing something obvious that would cause a new link not to function with jQuery?