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    Field Change in CRM


      I received a notification that a field type has changed in SF from Marketo.  Do I need to update the field type in Marketo to match what it was changed to in the CRM? or does this happen automatically?  Any information is appreciated.

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          Josh Hill
          This usually occurs when the SFDC field picklist changes. Marketo is warning you because your externally facing forms may be missing the values and you could be creating data problems.

          If the type itself changed from Text to Integer, then that also needs a look because the form field type you have now may not work well. it could also be that your Filters that use that field will now break.
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            I recently changes some options and field types from text to picklist and vice-a-versa. I got notified but did not have to change anything on Marketo's side. We even removed an option from the a picklist but left some of the leads with that value. The triggers/filters that used the old value still worked even though it was not visible in the dropdown any longer. 

            I've not tried changing from text to an integer though... so I would absolutely follow Josh's advice! 

            - Jeff