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Does Salesforce Campaign sync automatically sync leads to SFDC?

Question asked by 26080 on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by fe17e1314662bf7fe66b363d3a26799b4a67fb23
AT our organization we use Marketo and SFDC together. We would only like leads sync'd to SFDC when the lead has been scored high enough to be a Sales Qualified Lead. However, we are also experimenting with SFDC Campaign sync on some of our Marketo programs to see how that works.

We have performed a couple of lead list imports into such a program (a webinar) and noticed a fair number of those leads getting sync'd to SFDC even though the import didn't appear to change their lead score. All it really did was add them to the program and change some program status values.

Does anyone have any experience with this configuration? Might SFDC Campaign sync be incompatible with a strategy of keeping marketing qualified leads out of SFDC until they are deemed Sales Qualified?