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    Lead Assignment during Import

    Renee Wagner
      Is it possible to assign lead owners during list import? I see there's an article on this in the help section (Is it possible to assign a lead owner during a list import?) but the URL is broken/there is a page error. Can someone please give me the scoop?

      Many thanks!
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          Takashi Ozeki

          I can only speak for SFDC, but I believe Marketo relies on SFDC lead assignment rules to dole out the assignment. You can, however, also specify an owner in Marketo.

          I believe the only way to assign owners during list import is to create a smart campaign with a "Sync lead to SFDC" flow with a bunch of conditional criteria. See below. Instead of using Last Name like I did, you can also create a smartlist for each if you want to use both first and last name, and then just specify the smartlist in the flow rule.

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            Renee Wagner
            Thanks Charlie. I appreciate your time and the reply. I should have specified (oops!) that we're on MS Dynamics CRM.