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    Surveys in Marketo

      I have been using an outside source for surveys. Now that we are using Marketo, I would like to implement using in Marketo but have a few concerns since we use Salesforce...

      1. We change our surveys every month- how could we overcome having to change the fields every time in Salesforce for these new questions? I'm under the impression these have to be in Salesforce to appear in Marketo.

      2. Is there another place these results could live without syncing to SF to get easy reporting?

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          Hi Colleen, 

          You don't need to build the fields in Salesforce first, as long as you don't need this information to be available in Salesforce. If you're only going to use this information in Marketo, you can build the fields directly in your Marketo instance to prevent cluttering Salesforce. 

          Since you informaiton is chaning on a monthly basis, I would recommend logging a task each time a survey is completed with the survey results in the task comments field. This would allow you to always have a record of what the field was before it was overwritten by a new reponse. 

          Hope this helps! 

          - Ashley
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            Thanks Ashley..

            This helps.. The problem i have facing however with the form is formatting- if my questions run longer they are getting cut off and not visible. I've been playing around with it for awhile now..

            I have questions on the left, with box to select answer on right, but it doesn't seem like i can get anything to line up properly. Do you have any advice on this issue?