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    Open a Form Based on Field Fillout

    Ben Brooks
      Ok this is potentially easy. We are building a site in Sitecore and would like to have a Marketo form that functions as shown below:

      User enters email address, clicks submit
      Form opens, with user's email address, requesting more information

      Not sure the best way to implement this into the site. Ideas?

      Ben Brooks
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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hi Ben,

          I'd suggest making the follow up page to the form, a very similar-looking page, but instead of the form with just email address and submit, then you have the follow up form that requests their additional information.

          Just note, nothing will require them to fill out the second form, so you might have people dropping off after the first form fillout.
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            Alok Ramsisaria
            Hi Ben

            We had success in implementing something very similar. We created a custom Marketo form, which had many fields, including radio buttons. When the user clicked on Submit, another Marketo form opened in a pop-up on the same page with more fields.
            This pop-up form had 2 different submit buttons and each button was associated with a different Thanks page.
            So, it was a custom Marketo form, with another Marketo form in a pop-up on same landing page, and then 2 different thanks page.

            Drop me a line at alok@grazitti.com and I can show you the demo for this.