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    Pre and Post Trade Show Mailing

    Joyce Quimby
      We would like to do both a pre-show and a post-show mailing for a trade show. Ultimately we want to see who received the pre-show mailing and visited our booth. We would also like to see who visited our booth and then had enough interest to engage with our post show mailing. What would be the best way to set up our program(s) and campaign(s)?
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          Josh Hill
          You would match program status against anyone who opened/clicked your Pre Show Email.

          Then you could say Program Status=Visited AND opened/clicked Post Show Email.

          this would be a smart list.
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            At my previous company, we often did pre- and post-show email campaigns. I typically hosted all of the emails within the tradeshow program, since you can set up smart campaigns to send emails to certain lists of people (i.e. the exhibitor list). Make sure that you have reviewed your progression statuses, and that you set up the smart campaigns to acurately move them through the appropriate stages.

            I set up my progression as such (for example):
            1. Exhibitor List
            2. Telemarketing Engagement
            3. Email Engagement
            4. Visited at Show
            5. Engaged (success)
            *We used a telemarketing team to reach out to exhibitors to generate interest in meeting at the show (in addition to email marketing).

            For your purposes, I would set up several smart campaigns:
            01 Pre-Show Outbound Email
                 Send the Email
                 Mark as "Email Engagement" if they click or respond, depending on your processes.
            02 Visited at Show
                 Import a list of people who visited your booth
                 Mark as "Visited at Show" progression
                 03 Post-Show Outbound Email
                 Send the follow up email
                 Mark engagement as you like

                 It sounds like you might be doing direct mailing, in which case you can simply track in spreadsheets and upload to marketo in static lists, then marking their progression statuses accordingly.

                 Hope this helps!