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    Custom Date Expressions in Smartlist?

      I need to send and email on a specific day based off of a student start date (a custom Marketo field), plus or minus a certain amount of days. For example: sending an email 4 months after starting school.  I can accomplish this fairly easily using a custom date token in the flow step. The trouble I have is trying to exclude people that are passed the date that they should have recieved the email. The email is triggered by list upload (we're using Marketo standalone for the moment). There is no consistency to where a student is in their lifecycle when they are added to this campaign.

      Using the 4 months after start example from above, idealy I would use an expression like: Excude If {{Lead.Student Current Start Date}} plus 120 days is after {{system.date}}.

      So if you're start date was 11/6/2013, your start date plus 120 days would equal 128 days, which would disqualify you.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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          Couldn't you put a filter on the email send to only include people with a Start Date in past 120 days? I think that would accomplish the same thing, but it would be inclusive instead of exclusive. Assuming all of your contacts imported had a start date, I believe this should work.
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            Thanks for your suggestion.  I don't believe that approach will work because it would only capture those in the 120 day window. I have students with start dates that could be a year from now and they wouldn't qualify based on that logic.

            I need something that would include anyone who's start date is at least 120 days from the day they are added the list.