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Advanced Wait Step Time Zone Clarification

Question asked by 6153a233210cd6f02cb535ff7f15aea16fee05b1 on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on May 12, 2014 by Josh Perry
I’ve searched through the forums a bit but can’t find a definitive answer for this one.

If I set up a Smart Campaign where one of the Flow steps before an email send is to wait:

12 hours and wait must end Any Day at 12:00PM EDT


Will Marketo send the next email at 12PM (noon) EDT while simultaneously sending it at 11AM CDT, 10AM MDT, and 9AM PDT? Or, will it send it at 12PM per each user’s local time?

I am guessing that Marketo is only using EDT because not every user will have an associated time zone, especially if you have leads coming in via imported batches as opposed to filling out a form, where an inferred country/state can set the local time zone.

In the end, we’d ideally like an email to go out to each user in their current time zone at one set hour (basically emails will then be released cascaded by time zone), but I am realizing that Marketo may not have the power to do that since not every lead is attached to a time zone.