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what is the best option for Workspace and lead partition?

Question asked by 4bb38b6f986d46ddfa36d0c3add8c69b5efc57f7 on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by 4bb38b6f986d46ddfa36d0c3add8c69b5efc57f7
     Hi all,
     We are gonna start workspace and lead partition. Now we have multiple products in our organisation, we would like to keep separate partition for every product (may be in future product with region wise). 
     What is the best option to do this? Shall we use different munchkin code based on workspace for every product? or shall we use the assignment rule in partition? If we use assignment rule it says initial partition. What does that(initial partition) mean? What would happen if a prospect changes from one product to another product? will it be added to the respective partition or will it be remain in same partition?