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    Help with Forms : !!!!

      I've duplicated nearly every form on our website in Marketo so that they can replace our old forms and embed them on our site. Everything is going well, except for one thing...the ability to have a form field "pre-selected" based on a user's landing page. My company offers IT/cyber security training and we have over 64 classes. Our "old forms" allow users to come to a specific landing page and have the class name pre-chosen based on whatever class page they're on. Basically, it makes it easier for the user to request information without having to sort through the huge drop down.

      Since Marketo can do nearly everything ;) I am hoping that this is something that can be done..without the need for any coding. Can anyone chime in if this is possible? 

      Thanks SO MUCH in advance!!! 
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          Since you are not wanting to do any coding...

          You could append a string on the url (URL Parameter) and capture it as a hidden field. Using the visibility rules on the form you could make different drop downs appear based on that string being added to the hidden field.

          - Jeff
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            Thanks for replying Jeff! I've been so busy I'm just now seeing this ...so changing the string on the URL would occur in the field management section, correct? I'm pretty new to Marketo so I have to double check and make sure I'm doing things the right way :)