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Good morning Nation!

Weekly Update: Recommended Content:


    Unmask Inbound Visitors: Many of you have asked about RTP, so this eBook will provide some of the basics about how you can customize your site's expereince / content based on demographics, firmographics and other behaviors (FYI. We are also having a text based Ask The Expert event here this Thursday May 8th at 8 am - 11 am PDT. Liz will post more about it on Monday.


    Cards Against Marketing Madness: To provide a little fun, we created a card game for you and your marketing teams (and business partners)


    SirusView Marketing Automation Platforms 2014. This report from Sirus Decisions, a leading B2B research and advisory group, should provide comfort in yoru decision to go with Marketo, which was the leader among all the companies reviewed.


At the end of every week, we will provide a summary of some of the great info Maggie, Dayna and our great content team have created.  FYI: Most of this content will require you to sign-in to receive it.

Note: One of our goals for this Community is to start providing more general marketing content -- to compliment the great product-related info we already.

So if you have any suggestions on what we should highlight, send it our way.

PS: Since some of us tend to be heads down and working all the time, I thought I would share a little reminder. Don't forget that next week is Mother's Day.